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How Repentance Leads to Evangelism

- by Jordan Standridge - So many people in the church have never learned about daily repentance, and this has…

9 Ways to Pray like the Apostle Paul
Let Go of the Life You Wanted
God’s Eternal Plan of Redemption
BOOK – The Beauty of the Cross
10 Things You Should Know About the Antichrist(s) in 1 John
Christian, Your Depression is Real. So is God’s Deliverance.
Sin Is Cosmic Treason
The Difference Between Magic and Ministry
A Systematic Theology of Justification
When Was the Last Time You Repented?
‘Just Have More Faith’: How Bad Theology Hurts the Suffering
Hope in Distress
Should Christians Not be Known for What They are Against?
Beautiful Sovereignty
4 Approaches to Understanding the Redemptive Nature of Scripture
The Already and the Not Yet
Statement of Faith
Lift Something
The Goal of Submission in Marriage
Suffering and Sacrifice – Is it that I don’t understand or that I’m unwilling to accept?
Why Jesus Needed the Holy Spirit
What Should I Do with the Bible’s Teaching on Hell?
Trusting When I Don’t Understand
An Interview With Jesus About Forgiveness
Does God Surprise You?
Spurgeon’s Evangelical Activism
When You Feel Spiritually Adrift
If Jesus Is God, Why Did He Pray?
Embarrassment and Evangelism
Can science explain everything?
Why was Jesus crusified outside the city?
Have We Become Pharisees? 5 Evaluation Questions.
Thank God Always – Psalm 34
Christ-centered courage trumps charisma and gifts in evangelism
How to Be More Public with Your Faith
What Is the Opposite of Homosexuality? why marriage is not my mission
Holy Sexuality: sex, desire, and relationships shaped by God’s grand story
Pleasures Never Lie: Why Sin Cannot Stay Hidden
Why Love Is Greater Than Faith and Hope
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