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Do We Need Angles and Miracles

by Waldean Wall


Things like angels and miracles often fall into the “unnecessary” category for many who profess to believe the Bible.

It seems to me that many Christians have constructed a belief system that excludes or minimizes the full biblical attestation. In other words, we have identified the critical elements that are core to being a Christian, and then, perhaps in order to make Christianity more palatable, we let go of what is clearly biblical but “unnecessary”.

Among the many problems with this is:

The take-it-or-leave-it attitude with God’s word.

Refusing to submit to the fullness of the fully-inspired word of God is very dangerous and very wrong. We are not here to pridefully make that kind of judgement over Scripture.

The hypocrisy of picking and choosing what to believe

There is no more amazing and miraculous and “unreasonable” reality than that of the virgin birth, sinless life, and death and resurrection of the God/man. If you believe and are not ashamed of this, why should we trash anything the Bible says.

Missing God’s intended benefits in the things we’re prone to neglect

Do you think the things that are difficult are of no value? God intends to glorify Himself and help us with every story and teaching in the Bible. I’ve noticed that there is often spiritual awakening when I prayerfully study the difficult things.

I’m guessing we all have biblical realities that we are ignoring instead of pursuing. Some of these might include miracles, angels, fasting, handling money, or spiritual gifts.


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Do We Need Angels and Miracles?

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