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An Interview With Jesus About Forgiveness

– by Jordan Standridge

We are never more like Jesus than when we forgive, and we are never less like Jesus than when we hold grudges.

It is mind-boggling to think about Stephen’s final words as he was being martyred. Here he was being stoned, with people coming up while angrily gnashing their teeth and beating him in the head with huge rocks. As they hit his body and blood poured out of it, he looked them straight in the eyes and begged God to forgive them and to not count it against them. (Acts 7:60)

Stephen had the perfect model in Christ who, only weeks earlier, forgave those who killed Him. We too, like Stephen, should strive to model after Christ’s example in forgiving those around us who wrong us. In Matthew 18, Jesus taught about forgiveness, and I believe that He answers four questions on the topic that will help us in our efforts to model the Gospel to those around us.


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An Interview With Jesus About Forgiveness

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