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The Goal Of Submission In Marriage

– by Abigail Dodds

Healthy submission is a beautiful thing. I love to garden. This is a metaphor that I like to use to think about healthy submission. Every March in Minnesota, gardening season sort of kicks off and I plant lots of little seeds that we grow on our counter in dozens and dozens of tiny pots.

He is where we get all our life, sustenance, and everything good. He helps us to know what we’re supposed to be like.

It’s really interesting to watch these little seedlings as they come up. They kind of turn whichever way the sun’s going. My family loves sunflowers, so we plant sunflowers in our garden. When they come up, they’re huge and beautiful, and they have this ability to turn in any direction so that they are always facing the sun. I will walk down to the garden in the morning and the sunflower is pointed one way and I come down in the afternoon and the whole thing is facing the other direction. How does a flower move itself? It’s really really cool and I think this is a picture of healthy submission.


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The Goal of Submission in Marriage

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