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How Repentance Leads To Evangelism

– by Jordan Standridge

So many people in the church have never learned about daily repentance, and this has had devastating consequences on their personal evangelism. 

Part of the consequences of an easy-believism mentality is that many people who have come to know the Lord in American churches have never learned how to keep an ongoing relationship with the Lord and other believers. All saved people–if they are actually converted–have come to a place in their lives where they “repented of their sins and trusted in Christ,” but perhaps have never been taught that repentance doesn’t stop after that first event, but rather should continue each day until they die.  

When someone sins against the Lord, they should never act like it never happened, but rather they should return to the Lord and ask for His forgiveness in order to properly restore the relationship. Of course, we know that God will forgive us of our sin, but that doesn’t mean that we can cut corners on our relationship with the Lord. 


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How Repentance Leads to Evangelism

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