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What’s The Significance Of Simon Carying Jesus’s Cross?

– by John Piper

Famous Simon of Cyrene

This was really good for me to think about because I’ve read that a hundred times and have not paused, like so many of these questions force me to do. And that’s really valuable. Sometimes, when authors are reporting facts, they give us clear clues and pointers as to why they are including those facts and what they want us to learn from them. I don’t see really clear, decisive clues here or in any of the Gospels for why the Gospel writers include this fact.

One of the reasons for that may be that Simon, who carried the cross, may have become a well-known presence in the early church so that the mere reference to his name functions as just another historical evidence. It would be like saying, “This man right there that you know, he carried the cross.”

The reason this may be the case is because in Mark 15:21 Simon is called the father of Alexander and Rufus. That’s an unusual piece of information. I mean, it would be very odd for Mark to put that in unless he expected his readers to know who Alexander and Rufus were. And Mark is sometimes associated with Peter as a Gospel writer, and Peter is associated with Rome, and in Romans 16, there’s a man named Rufus.


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What’s the Significance of Simon Carying Jesus’s Cross?

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